RAMA has explored the problems in the current entertainment ecosystem: the lack of engagement with celebrities, lack of voice in what films are made, lack of fair and transparent compensation for content creators, irrelevant ads and distribution bottlenecks.

RAMA aims to use its existing movie business as a platform to build a blockchain based solution that will resolve many of the issues that bedevil the industry. Specifically, RAMA is designing an entertainment protocol on RAMA United platform, which includes its two applications (Film Face and Star Chat), and its celebrity tokenization feature.

RAMA is to revolutionize the market by changing the main character of the story. Today we have Blockchain, a disruptive technology that offers the maximum security in economic relations, eliminates intermediaries and allows a simple processing of micropayments. With it, RAMA United guarantees the respect to intellectual property of all the parties involved in the creation of media content (directors, actors, script writers, etc.), thanks to Smart Contracts, the parties will automatically receive the compensation of the income that corresponds to their work, directly into their respective wallets.