John Sudheer Pudhota


Welcome all ...and let me unveil a short thought on RAMA Group, which happens to be a dream from the stables of our professional team. Stepping and accelerating our vision, at the pinnacle of Asian Movies business success and revenue streams, we set our sights in creating as many block busters and commercial movies. Our company is stocking itself with talent, innovation and technology to take itself forward into eventful markets of Oriental and South East Asia too.

We look forward to exciting yet challenging times, opening up vast opportunities for our Company ,bringing in as much value for the investment , and to learn more and more with respect to our pioneering operations, strategies, sustainable initiatives, and values. We strive in having our corporate communications unwrapped, as a part of the external expression of our commitment to transparency and open communications to all our stakeholders as well as to the wider public interested in our activities.

United Dynamic Health Care (UDHC)

Will become operational in Johan Bahru, Malaysia soon. Development of additional openings of UDHC Centres will planned as demand dictates. Offer investors a unique opportunity to invest in a lucrative financial and humanitarian business model which has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment globally Provide a more effective, affordable, alternative, holistic cancer treatment for people around the world Become recognized as the foremost natural health centre for effective, scientifically proven solutions for medical concerns To offer comprehensive, loving, personal cancer care from diagnosis through treatment to ongoing aftercare


Next Generation PDT (NGPDT) is a uniquely effective Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for the treatment of many cancers. By building on proven and existing medical research for PDT cancer treatments, Next Generation PDT is successfully treating a wide variety of cancers with minimally invasive procedures, and with greater effect than conventional therapies. NGPDT has been achieving excellent results through the development of a new generation photosensitizer which selectively accumulates within cancerous tumour tissues. Our advanced light and laser delivery methods can activate the abosrbed photosensitiser within both surface and deep seated tumours. Next Generation PDT is a safe, pain free cancer therapy, without the prolonged photosensitivity concerns introduced by traditional PDT protocols. In combination with our advanced “next generation” photosensitizer, NGPDT’s whole-body, and interstitial light delivery methods allow for the effective treatment of both deep seated and metastatic cancers. PDT provides an effective means of treatment without the potentially debilitating and health ravaging therapys, or radical surgery usually associated with cancer.

RAMA Movie Talent Cafe

Global Franchise film education cafés
initiated in Singapore and expanding abroad

  • Connecting people from global movie industry
  • Offering film education courses
  • Promoting culture across Asia
  • Global Franchise opportunities
  • Special appearances by “movie stars” and other film personalities
  • will attract large numbers of fans from throughout the region
  • Encouraging local talent in a variety of vocations
  • Content Filming in the cafes


Through co-operative agreements, local partnerships, and cross market productions, RAMA is building bridges to unite the nations of Asia and take advantage of the massive revenue opportunity that exists through co-operation